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July 02 2015


Verizon Apple iPhone 6 On $200 Off, Limited Offer Until June 21

Apple's flagship iPhone 6 smartphone is currently on sale under Verizon at $200 off its standard price, with the offer available to Verizon subscribers until June 21.

The offer falls right until Father's Day, which means that the smartphone could be an excellent gift for fathers in the United States. The offer is such a good one, however, that all customers that can avail of it and are looking to acquire a new smartphone should at least think about taking up Verizon in its offer.

Until June 21, Verizon subscribers can take advantage of the $200 off offer for the iPhone 6 when they upgrade their current subscription or add a new line to their accounts. Essentially, this means that Verizon customers can get the entry-level 16GB iPhone 6 at no cost, as that version of Apple's flagship smartphone has a cost of $199.

Verizon subscribers can choose to acquire iPhone 6 units with larger capacities though, with the $200 off applied to the price of the smartphones. Unfortunately, the offer does not seem to extend to the iPhone 6 Plus.

To take advantage of the offer, customers will only have to enter the promo code DADNGRAD in the promotional code box that will appear during checkout. The $200 discount will automatically be applied.

The deal can be applied to both the two-year contracts and the Verizon Edge program.

Such excellent offers for the iPhone 6 do not come up often, so Verizon subscribers should take advantage of the offer if they could. Even if the release of the next version of Apple's flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6S, is nearing, acquiring the iPhone 6 at such a good price or even for free is still a great deal for users.

Apple has recently revealed the contents of the next version of its mobile operating system, the iOS 9, which would make customers even more attracted to acquire an iPhone 6.

iOS 9, which will be released this fall, will introduce several new features such as multitasking and note-taking. It will only have a size of 1.3GB, which is a marked improvement from the 4.6GB size of the iOS 8. The iOS 9 will also be applied to Apple devices as far back as the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, lengthening the lifespan of these two devices.
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